BROOKFIELD, CT, (March 4, 2022) – The Brookfield Democratic Town Committee sets the record straight regarding the article in The Danbury News Times, “Dunn tried to alter town’s pension system”.

The “investigation” was conducted at the request of Republican First Selectman Tara Carr. On her eighth business day in office and without following proper process, Carr replaced trusted Town Attorney Thomas Beecher with Marino, Zabel, & Schellenberg where Senatorial candidate Themis Klarides is a partner. The investigation was conducted by Marino-Zabel attorney, Timothy Herbst, the former Republican First Selectman of Trumbull and failed 2018 gubernatorial candidate.

“I spoke to incoming First Selectwoman Carr about the policy proposal,” said Selectman Steve Dunn. “We discussed that the right thing to do was to have her administration address it which is why it was on the agenda for her first Board of Selectmen’s meeting on December 6. I don’t know why neither the investigation nor the article reflected that fact. I don’t know why there was an investigation at all given that I brought this policy proposal to her.”

The Brookfield Democratic Town Committee is supportive of pensions for working people. It supports a solid system of checks and balances, as we have in place in Brookfield today. Given the increasing risk to democracy, Brookfield Democrats formally recommends that as part of the upcoming Charter Revision, a proposal be considered which limits the authority of the outgoing First Selectman. Timothy Herbst, the “investigator” in this case, is familiar with this type of ordinance from his own experience as outgoing First Selectman of Trumbull when he backdated and extended contracts of multiple town hall employees.

“This is exactly what we can expect from Tara Carr and the Republican Town Committee - highly partisan, divisive behavior hiding behind a false message of what’s best for the town,” said Laura Orban, Brookfield Democrats Chair. “Carr should focus on learning the job she asked Brookfield residents to trust her with instead of trying to advance her political career.”


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  • Fostering an environment that allows businesses to thrive.

  • Supporting the principles and candidates of the Democratic party.

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