Brookfield, CT - July, 26, 2021 -- The Brookfield Democratic Town Committee unanimously endorsed current First Selectman Steve Dunn and Selectwoman Sue Slater for a fourth term during a special meeting Sunday night. The DTC also provided its unanimous endorsement for a slate of 20 additional candidates for the Board of Education, Board of Finance, and several land use boards and commissions.

“Steve Dunn and Sue Slater will continue to do a great job leading our town. No one has ever accomplished as much for Brookfield,” said Laura Orban, Chair of the Brookfield Democrats. “They are an outstanding, experienced team, and they proved time and again during the COVID pandemic just how skilled they are at leading our town. We can count on them.”

Steve Dunn and Sue Slater were first elected in 2015. Dunn and Slater have seen the town through a devastating macroburst, have shepharded a new elementary school through from concept to construction, brought residents through the COVID-19 pandemic with Brookfield’s own CODE RED alert system and vaccine clinic, and kept a focus on fiscal responsibility increasing Brookfield’s rainy day fund from a dangerously low 1.9% when they took office to over 13% of our annual budget.

First Selectman Steve Dunn said, “When we won in 2019 no one saw this pandemic coming, and I think our prior experience managing major issues was crucial to keeping residents informed and safe for the last 18 months. But Sue and I also never stopped moving the ball forward for Brookfield. We were able to balance the demands of the pandemic while also focusing on the long-term health of our town: the highest possible bond rating, an increased fund balance and a responsible budget with unanimous, bi-partisan support from our boards.That’s the kind of leadership people expect from us, and that’s the kind of leadership we will continue to deliver.”

Selectman Sue Slater added, “With the Delta variant increasing and positivity rates regularly above 2%, Steve Dunn and I will continue to monitor our progress. We’re close, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Steve is simply an incredible First Selectman, and we are very fortunate to have his experience leading us forward. The people of Brookfield deserve his steady hand at the helm.”

The Brookfield Democrats will be running the following candidates for the upcoming municipal election:

First Selectman: Steve Dunn

Selectman: Sue Slater

Board of Education: Rosa Fernandes, Emma Schweder, Bunny Tessier

Board of Finance: Mary Cappiello (4-year term), Eileen Koch (4-year term), Naheed Quaisar (4-year term), Alan Walp (4-year term), Ricky Ramos (2-year term), John Temple (2-year term)

Planning Commission: Scott Dale, Jeff Kass, Marc Loewengart

Zoning Commission: Phoebe Holmes, Jennifer Kraemer, Frank Kwok, Mike Lucia (2-year term)

Zoning Board of Appeals: Richard S. Briggs, Elijah Huling III, Louise Trojanowski-Marconi,

Board of Assessment Appeals: Julie Blick

For more information or to get involved with the campaign, please visit or contact Laura Orban at

The mission of the Brookfield Democrats is to create a positive vision for Brookfield’s future that preserves the vibrancy of our town and enhances opportunities for all residents.

We do this by:

  • Selecting or endorsing candidates for local boards and offices who will make decisions in Brookfield’s best interest.

  • Ensuring responsible fiscal management of our town’s resources and future.

  • Advocating for a meaningful 21st century education for all students.

  • Fostering an environment that allows businesses to thrive.

  • Supporting the principles and candidates of the Democratic party.

  • Maintaining open minds and doors to all residents regardless of party affiliation.

We meet the fourth Tuesday of every month at 7:00. Meetings are being held via Zoom due to the pandemic. Please email for more information.

There are lots of ways you can make a difference for Brookfield. Click here to learn more. We hope to see you soon!